Jayne Mansfield (cover) – String Along With Me

An album by the Stradivari Strings called String Along with Me, featuring Jayne Mansfield on the cover


Offered for sale is an album entitled String Along With Me – The Stradivari Strings Play Your Favorites by the Stradivari Strings, featuring a cover photo of actress Jayne Mansfield.

Jayne Mansfield appeared in a number of films and did some recording of her own, but she also appeared on a number (perhaps dozens) of album covers as a model.  This album, String Along With Me, is one of those, issued on the budget label Spin-O-Rama in about 1962 or so.

Not much to say about this one; the music is forgettable orchestral fluff, but the cover has a nice photo of Ms. Mansfield.

The cover is M- and still has the original shrinkwrap.  The disc is M- on one side and VG+ on the other, with just a few light sleeve scuffs.  The disc is quite heavy; it weighs in at a hefty 188 grams.

A nice item if you collect celebrity/personality/cheesecake records.



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