Lesley Gore Records, Albums, Autographs and Memorabilia

We were longtime fans and collectors of pop singer Lesley Gore, and our collection, amassed over more than 30 years, consists of hundreds of items. With her recent passing, we’ve decided that it’s time to part with a lot of it. We’ve been rather surprised to see just how much stuff we have, so it’s taking us a while to go through all of it to see what’s here.

Among the items in our collection are:

lesley gore albums - girl talk UKLesley Gore albums – We have a number of rare and unusual Lesley Gore albums, including sealed original LPs, promotional LPs, radio shows, unusual foreign albums and even a few colored vinyl albums.

Lesley Gore singles – We have a complete collection of American Lesley Gore singles and picture sleeves, along with a number of interesting foreign releases with picture sleeves.

Lesley Gore acetates – Our collection includes a few pre-production Lesley Gore acetates, made to evaluate recordings prior to release.

Lesley Gore radio shows – Not recent “flashback” type programs, but vintage radio shows from the 1960s with then-current interviews and music.

lesley gore autographLesley Gore autographs – We have a few Lesley Gore autographs, as well, including photos, albums and compact discs.

We have way too many items to list them all at once, but we will eventually list the entire collection for sale on our site.

You will be able to find Lesley Gore records and other items in our store.