Todd Rundgren – Runt 1970 U.S. Ampex LP alternate version w/2 extra tracks


Free U.S. shipping!  An original U.S. pressing of Runt, the first album by Todd Rundgren, with the cover still in the shrink wrap.

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Offered for sale is an original U.S. pressing of Runt, the first album by Todd Rundgren.

This is the rare mispressed alternate version of the LP, which contains two extra tracks, different versions of songs, and alternate mixes.

About this copy: This copy of Runt is a 1970 U.S. pressing on the blue Ampex label.

The cover is VG, with moderate general wear.  There are small repaired splits at the center of the top and bottom edge.

The disc is VG, with a number of light marks, but no deep scratches.  Side one lists 6 songs on the label, but has 7 songs.  Side two lists 4 songs on the label, but actually plays 5.

A nice play copy of a very rare LP and the only copy of this version that we’ve ever had for sale.

Background: Released in 1970, Runt was the first album by Todd Rundgren.  The album reached #185 on the U.S. album chart.

After the album saw initial success, the Ampex Records pressed more copies and accidentally used a rejected 12 track stamper instead of the correct 10 track version.

Reportedly, 5000 copies were pressed using this stamper, and the resulting album is dramatically different from the intended release, with alternate mixes and more.

This version includes an extra song on each side: “Hope I’m Around” on side one and “Say No More” on side two.

Here is the full track listing for the alternate version of Runt as listed on Wikipedia:

Side one
  1. “Broke Down and Busted” – 4:59 (same as standard version but with short intro from “There Are No Words”)
  2. “Believe in Me” – 2:01 (alternate mix)
  3. “We Gotta Get You a Woman” – 3:07 (alternate mix)
  4. “Once Burned” – 2:09 (same as standard version)
  5. “Who’s That Man?” – 2:59 (same as standard version)
  6. “Hope I’m Around” – 4:28 (not on standard version, but an alternate version was included on his second album)
  7. “Devil’s Bite” – 3:58 (alternate mix with extended guitar solo)
Side two
  1. “I’m in the Clique” – 4:57 (same as standard version)
  2. “There Are No Words” – 2:12 (same as standard version)
  3. “Baby Let’s Swing” – 3:25 (full length song, not part of a medley)
  4. “Say No More” – 3:08 (not on standard version)
  5. “Birthday Carol” – 9:11 (partially the same as standard version, but with some brief alterations) gave Runt a 4 1/2 star review:

Reluctant to start a full-fledged solo career after leaving the Nazz, Todd Rundgren formed Runt, a band that was a front for what was in effect a solo project. Such isolationism lends Runt its unique atmosphere — it is the insular work of a fiercely talented artist finally given the opportunity to pursue his off-kilter musical vision. …He occasionally slips on Runt, delivering tracks that rely on production instead of a blend of studiocraft and songcraft, but it remains a thoroughly impressive debut and one of his finest pop records.

Country of origin: U.S.
Size: 12″
Record Label: Ampex
Catalog Number:
Year of Release: 1970
Format: Stereo
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