Yardbirds – Having a Rave Up With the Yardbirds sealed 1972 U.S. stereo LP rare label


Free U.S. shipping!  A still sealed 1972 U.S. pressing of the 1965 LP Having a Rave Up With the Yardbirds by the Yardbirds, on the orange Epic label.

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Offered for sale is a still sealed 1972 U.S. stereo pressing of the 1965 LP Having a Rave Up With the Yardbirds by the Yardbirds, on the orange Epic label.

Having a Rave Up With the Yardbirds was the last of the band’s original albums to remain in print in the U.S.  The short-lived orange label pressing was the final pressing of this album before it was deleted.

About this copy: This copy of Having a Rave Up With the Yardbirds is a 1972 electronically reprocessed stereo pressing on the orange Epic label of an album that was originally released in 1965.

As the album is still sealed, the record is presumably new and unplayed.

There is a sticker on the front cover that says, “ELECTRONICALLY RE-PROCESSED TO SIMULATE STEREO.”  While the label variation cannot be confirmed, every copy of the album we’ve ever seen with this sticker on the cover had an orange label disc.  In addition, the record is much lighter in weight than the original 1965 pressings.

The wrap is mostly intact except for a couple of small (less than 1 cm) tears on the front near the mouth of the cover.

A nice copy of a rare Yardbirds variation.

Background: Having a Rave Up With the Yardbirds was the second album by the Yardbirds to be released in the United States and it reached #52 on the U.S. album charts.  It also remained in print longer than any other album by the group, staying in print until 1972.

Side one of the album contains studio tracks with Jeff Beck on guitar.  Side two contains live tracks with Eric Clapton on guitar, though he isn’t pictured on the cover or credited in the liner notes.  The tracks on side two were taken from the band’s UK Five Live Yardbirds LP, which wasn’t released in the United States.

The album was originally released in mono and stereo, though the stereo pressings were partially in rechanneled (fake) stereo, making the mono pressings the more desirable version.  The mono version was deleted in early 1968, making it somewhat rarer than the stereo version, which stayed in print for a few more years.

Allmusic.com gave Having a Rave Up With the Yardbirds a 4 1/2 star review:

In its original U.S. vinyl release, this album, comprised of several singles and B-sides plus excerpts off of Five Live Yardbirds, was one of the best LPs of the entire British Invasion, ranking on a par with the greatest mid-’60s work of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones; it was also just a step away from being a best-of the Yardbirds as well. No collection has ever outdone the sheer compactness and high quality of Having a Rave Up.

You can listen to “You’re a Better Man Than I” here:


Country of origin: U.S.
Size: 12″
Record Label: Epic
Catalog Number:
BN 26177
Year of Release: 1972
Format: Rechanneled stereo
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