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Changes in Our Shipping

We’ve recently made some changes regarding how shipping charges are calculated in our shopping cart that should provide more accurate shipping costs for:

1. Foreign (non-U.S.) customers buying more than one item.

2. U.S. customers buying more than one item and requesting Priority Mail shipping.

As installed, our shopping cart system made the assumption that all items will be packed separately, so the weight we entered for each item included the weight of the shipping box.  As most of our sales are of individual items, and most U.S. customers request the free Media Mail shipping option, this has worked fine most of the time.

For customers in the U.S. who buy multiple items and also want Priority Mail and for non-U.S. customers buying more than one item, the shopping cart system has been returning shipping charges that were excessively high, as it was including the weight of a box for each item in the cart.

If you wanted to buy three items, for example, the cart was calculating shipping for three records and three boxes.

We have fixed this problem, and the system should now calculate shipping charges more accurately.

However, in correcting this problem, we had to manually change the length, width, height, and weight for every item in the store.  It’s possible that we either missed some items or inadvertently entered incorrect dimensions or weight on one or more items.

If you’re checking out and you encounter a shipping cost that seems incorrect, please let us know.