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Double Boxing Option Now Available at Checkout

We now offer the option to have your package double-boxed for shipping.   With double-boxing,  the records are placed in one box and that box placed inside another one for a more secure package.

You will find an option to select Double Boxing at checkout for an additional fee.

double-boxed package

We pack our records well; in the past six years, we’ve had one problem due to shipping damage, and that one involved a package that had a hole punched in it by a piece of machinery.

We ship most records in easy-to-open mailers that offer external protection against corner damage.  Inside the box, the album is protected by one or more cardboard filler pads on each side.

On high-value items, we pack in oversized boxes and wrap the album in bubble wrap and then add corner protectors that fit inside the box.

This is what we do for all packages, regardless of whether you choose free Media Mail shipping or paid Priority Mail or Express Mail options.

Still, from time to time, we have received requests from customers for their albums to be shipped double-boxed.

We don’t like to double-box, as it doubles the cost of the packaging, and adds to the cost of shipping.  This is because a double-boxed package is larger and weighs more, and thus costs more to ship.

As we provide free shipping on approximately 90% of the packages we mail, double-boxing increases our shipping costs, and, in our opinion, does not make the package significantly less likely to be damaged in shipping.

For 99% of our customers, double-boxing is not necessary and we do not recommend it.

In order to accommodate those who want double-boxing anyway, we have now added that option to checkout, and you may have your purchase double-boxed for shipping for an additional fee of $10.00.

This is entirely optional; our standard packing is free and is sufficient for all purchases.  The free standard packing option will be selected by default at checkout.

If you prefer that your order receive double-boxing, just check the radio button at checkout and the $10 double-boxing fee will be added to your total purchase price.

double boxing

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us.