Lesley Gore collection

We have a huge collection of albums, records and more by the late Lesley Gore.  It’s a ton of stuff, and we’re sifting through it now.  We hope to list it for sale in the next few days.

When we do, we’ll mention it here.  The items, of course, will be in our store.

lesley gore collection coming soon

New Rare Records: Elton John, Julie London, Aerosmith and more

We added a few new items to our store today, including a yellow vinyl Elton John LP, a quadraphonic album by the Eagles, a scarce early pressing of Aerosmith’s first album, a colored vinyl album by Dave Mason, Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks with the mural cover, a stereo Julie London LP, and a scarce sealed Lesley Gore 2 LP set.

new rare records - elton john, julie london, lesley gore, bob dylan, dave mason, eagles, aerosmith