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We now accept cryptocurrency payments

As an alternative to paying with PayPal or with a credit card, we now accept cryptocurrency payments.

At the moment, we accept payment via Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Depending on the level of interest from our customers, we may (or may not) add additional coins/tokens as payment options in the future.

We’re not sure how well this is going to work, or if anyone is actually going to use this payment method, so for the time being, we’ll call it an experiment.  We reserve the right to discontinue this payment option at any time without notice.

There is now a “Cryptocurrency Payment” option on the Checkout page of the shopping cart.   If you select that payment option, you’ll have a choice of Bitcoin or Ethereum for payment from a pulldown menu.

Once you make your choice, a total price in your chosen cryptocurrency will appear, along with a payment address and a corresponding QR code.

Once you send payment, you may enter your transaction ID on the checkout page to track your transaction.  Our shopping cart system will track payment automatically.

When our system has confirmed the transaction, you will receive an email message confirming your order.

A few special rules apply to cryptocurrency transactions.  You may read the details here.

Full instructions for how to pay with cryptocurrency are here.