You Know Who Group – First Album 1965 mono British Invasion LP


A clean mono copy of the only album by the You Know Who Group.

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Offered for sale is a nice clean copy of First Album by the You Know Who Group.

About this copy:  This copy of First Album by the You Know Who Group is an original mono pressing on the International Allied Records label.  We’re not aware of any stereo copies of this album; as far as we know, they’re all mono.

The cover and record are M-, and aside from a couple of very minor sleeve scuffs and a couple of spindle marks on the label, the record shows no other sign of play.

A nice curiosity from the British Invasion, and the only copy of this album that we’ve ever had for sale.

Background: Who were the You Know Who Group?   The album came out in 1965, and to this day, no one has yet owned up to being the artists who played on the album.

In 1964, when Beatlemania first hit America, lots of record labels cashed in by signing bands that could play Beatles songs.  They’d quickly record some Beatles tunes and put out an album, and those albums quickly found their way to the junk bins.

Producer Bob Gallo took a different approach.  He hired a band to play songs that were not Beatles songs.  They sang with British accents.  He put out an album that showed the band members (who were not identified on the cover) wearing masks, and called them the “You Know Who Group.”

This suggested that perhaps these guys were really a better-known band that was recording incognito.  It was an interesting ploy, and the result was a minor hit with the song “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue,” which was not the famous Bobby Vinton tune.  Oddly enough, the track with that title that appears on the album is the Bobby Vinton song, and is different from the single.

You can listen to it here:

The album, optimistically titled First Album, didn’t sell particularly well, was quickly deleted, and was not followed up by another LP.  It’s also surprisingly hard to find today, as the singles are somewhat common.

And who was the You Know Who Group?  We still don’t know.


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