(Tangerine Dream) Edgar Froese – Stuntman 1979 UK LP

A sealed UK pressing of the 1979 LP Stuntman by Edgar Froese.



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Offered for sale is a new, unplayed copy of the 1979 album Stuntman by Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese.

Edgar Froese was prolific, aside from releasing an album (or two) per year as a member of Tangerine Dream, he also released five solo albums during the 1970s, including 1979’s Stuntman.

AllMusic.com gave Stuntman four stars:

Narrowing the gap between psychedelia and electronica, Tangerine Dream frontman Edgar Froese looks to the future in this clean and mostly satisfying release; all in all an important turning point for the artist. If nothing else, it marks a departure from his band’s tendency to make an album out of two 20-minute epics; Froese ups the structure a bit with shorter pieces, and more of them. The approach he takes on this album would set the standard for every subsequent album he would do, both as a soloist and as a bandmember. A little history in the making.

About this copy: This copy is an original UK release in an unopened package and appears to be new and unplayed.  The album isn’t sealed, but is taped shut in a plastic bag and appears to have been package that way by a retailer.

A nice copy of a pretty good record.

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