Sam Cooke – Sam Cooke at the Copa Japan LP with obi

A Japanese pressing of Sam Cooke at the Copa by Sam Cooke, complete with obi.


Offered for sale is a Japanese pressing of Sam Cooke at the Copa by Sam Cooke, complete with obi.

After a failed attempt to record a live album at the Harlem Square Club in Miami in 1963, RCA found a concert recording from Sam Cooke that they liked well enough to release in a 1964 recording at the Copacabana in New York City.

The album, released shortly before Cooke’s death, reached #29 on the U.S. album charts. gave Sam Cooke at the Copa a 3 1/2 star review:

Sam Cooke at the Copa was a frustrating record. One of a handful of live albums by a major soul artist of its era, it captured Cooke in excellent voice, and was well-recorded — it just wasn’t really a “soul” album, except perhaps in the tamest possible definition of that term. Playing to an upscale, largely white supper-club audience, in a very conservatively run venue where he had previously failed to impress either patrons or the management, Cooke toned down his performance and chose the safest material with which he could still be comfortable.

About this copy:  This copy of Sam Cooke at the Copa is a Japanese reissue, released in 1975, and including the lyric insert and obi.

The cover is M-, with just traces of wear at the corners.  The obi and lyric insert are M-.

The record is M- and appears to have had little, if any, play.

A beautiful copy of a terrific album.



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