Rusty Warren – Songs for Sinners sealed original 1959 mono comedy LP


A sealed copy of the 1959 adult comedy LP, Songs for Sinners, by Rusty Warren

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Offered for sale is a sealed original copy of Rusty Warren’s comedy album, Songs for Sinners, issued in 1959 on the Jubilee label.

About this copy: The copy of Songs for Sinners is an original still sealed mono pressing, sealed in a loose bag.  All copies were mono; there were no stereo pressings.  There is an original price sticker on the wrap.

Background: It’s hard to imagine today, but in the late 1950s and early 1960s, adults frequently sat around the living room, drinking cocktails and listening to comedy albums.  Rusty Warren gained popularity at this time with her “adult humor”, which was often somewhat (for the time) sexually risque.

While her material is somewhat dated today, and no longer particularly provocative, her albums are an interesting artifact of the era.  Songs for Sinners was the first in a series of best-selling albums Rusty Warren did for the Jubilee label.


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