Rolling Stones – Let It Bleed Dutch red vinyl LP

A limited edition red vinyl pressing of Let It Bleed by the Rolling Stones, issued in Holland.


Offered for sale is a limited edition red vinyl pressing of Let It Bleed by the Rolling Stones, issued in Holland in 1978.

In the late 1970s, collectors were showing a lot of interest in colored vinyl records, so record companies around the world began issuing limited edition pressings of both then-new and older titles on colored vinyl, usually at a premium price.

Many of the titles released in Europe were exported to the United States, where they could be purchased at even the major chain stores.

The novelty soon wore off, as collectors grew tired of paying $12-$15 for titles that they could buy on black vinyl for $8 or so.

Among the foreign pressings were a number of titles by the Rolling Stones, with at least a half a dozen titles released on colored vinyl in Holland.

Among them was the 1969 LP Let It Bleed. gave Let It Bleed 5 stars:

Mostly recorded without Brian Jones — who died several months before its release (although he does play on two tracks) and was replaced by Mick Taylor (who also plays on just two songs) — this extends the rock and blues feel of Beggars Banquet into slightly harder-rocking, more demonically sexual territory.  Some of the songs are among their very best, especially “Gimme Shelter,” with its shimmering guitar lines and apocalyptic lyrics; the harmonica-driven “Midnight Rambler”; the druggy party ambience of the title track; and the stunning “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” which was the Stones’ “Hey Jude” of sorts, with its epic structure, horns, philosophical lyrics, and swelling choral vocals.

About this copy: This copy of Let It Bleed is a limited edition red vinyl pressing, released in Holland in 1978.  The cover is VG++, with faint traces of wear on the back cover and corners.  The disc is also VG++, with just a couple of very faint scuffs from being removed from the paper sleeve.  We didn’t see any spindle marks on the label, so it’s likely that this record has only been played a couple of times.  There are a couple of bumps in the vinyl; every colored vinyl Stones LP we’ve seen from Holland seems to have these.

A beautiful copy of a terrific LP.


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