Pink Floyd – Relics Japan LP with gatefold cover and obi

A Japanese copy of Pink Floyd's Relics, complete with gatefold cover and obi.


Offered for sale is a Japanese pressing of Pink Floyd’s Relics issued with a Japan-only gatefold cover and including the original obi.

Relics was Pink Floyd’s first compilation LP to be released worldwide, and it offered a nice mixture of both album tracks and non-LP singles.  The album was released with one cover in the U.S., and a different one elsewhere, the cover used in the rest of the world featured artwork by the band’s drummer, Nick Mason.  The Japanese pressing also had a gatefold cover as well as a 12″x12″ photo of the band and a lyric insert.

AllMusic gave it 4 1/2 stars:

Since Relics is a compilation and not a regular studio album, it tends to be overlooked when thought of as one of Pink Floyd’s better releases. It might not be regarded as a classic psychedelic masterpiece in the manner of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and it certainly won’t ever achieve the multiple platinum status of Dark Side of the Moon, but it’s a pretty good place to start with the band’s early catalog. Originally issued in 1971, Relics culls from the band’s first five singles (two A-sides and three B-sides, including the non-album pop classics “See Emily Play” and “Arnold Layne”) and picks album material that capitalizes on the band’s versatility while making it a thoroughly palatable listen. From Piper, you get the goofy childishness of “Bike” and the mesmerizing “Interstellar Overdrive,” one of the band’s trademark instrumental freak-outs; “The Nile Song,” taken from the More soundtrack, is one of the heaviest songs the band recorded. A little bit of everything that made early Pink Floyd can be found here. Without a doubt, the disc is an essential part of the band’s discography, not to be disregarded due to its overlap with studio album material.

The copy offered for sale is a third issue from Japan, released in 1975 or so.  The record, inserts, obi, and cover are all M-.  This is a beautiful copy of one of the band’s underrated collections of songs.

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