Pink Floyd – More sealed U.S. Harvest 8 track tape


A still sealed U.S. 8 track tape of the Harvest Records issue of More by Pink Floyd.

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Offered for sale is a still sealed U.S. 8 track tape of More, the third album by Pink Floyd.

About this copy:  This copy of More is a still sealed U.S. issue on the Harvest label, likely from the 1970s.  The tape is still sealed and is presumably unplayed.  The end of the tape has a small drill hole in it, indicating that the tape was sold as a cutout.

A nice copy of an album that’s quite hard to find on 8 track tape.

Background: The soundtrack to an obscure film, More isn’t high on the list of most Pink Floyd fans’ favorite albums, as it’s a bit more mellow and disjointed than most of their work.  It’s also not as well known as their later work; without a single to help sales, the album only reached #153 on the U.S. album charts.

Of course, soundtracks tend to be a bit disjointed, as the music is written to go along with the film, not to work as a cohesive whole.  Still, there’s a good rocker here, The Nile Song, (which was released as a single in Japan) and a couple of great ballads by David Gilmour: Green is the Colour, and Cymbaline.  In fact, More is unique in the Pink Floyd catalog as it’s the only album by the band to feature Gilmour as the only vocalist.

You can listen to “Green is the Colour” here:

As with most albums in Japan, More was released multiple times, with multiple catalog numbers, multiple obis, and on both black and red vinyl.  The first issue was pressed on red vinyl and had a single pocket cover and a now-impossibly-hard-to-find “New Rock” obi; the second issue had a gatefold cover and was pressed on both red and black vinyl with a black obi with orange print.  Later issues were pressed on black vinyl only and had an obi that was unique to that particular reissue.

The first issue is extraordinarily rare and rarely turns up for sale.  The second issue, which came out the same year as the first one, was more successful in the Japanese market, but has become much harder to find in recent years, especially in good condition.

Country of origin: U.S.
Size: 8 track tape
Record Label: Harvest
Catalog Number:
Year of Release: 1973
Format: Stereo
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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12.4 × 12.4 × 0.2 in