Neil Diamond – Shilo sealed 1970 LP

A sealed copy of Neil Diamond's 1970 LP, Shilo, on Bang Records.


Offered for sale is a sealed copy of Neil Diamond’s 1970 LP, Shiloh.

Neil Diamond recorded two albums for Bang Records in the mid-1960s before leaving for Universal City Records (UNI).  Part of the reason for Diamond’s change of labels is because Bang refused to release the song “Shilo” as a single, and Diamond thought the song had the potential to become a hit.

After Diamond left for UNI, he had a couple of hits there and Bang wanted to capitalize on his success at his new label by finally releasing “Shilo” as a single.  Since they felt that the recording in their possession wasn’t representative of Diamond’s “new” sound, the label took Diamond’s vocal track from the song, recorded a new instrumental track, mixed the two together, and released the song as a single.  “Shilo” reached #24 on the charts, so Bang followed up their 45 release by issuing a compilation LP containing the new single as well as a number of Diamond’s previous hits, with Shilo as the title of the album.

The cover featured dot-to-dot artwork of Diamond with a guitar, inviting the buyer to grab a pen or pencil in order to connect the dots to see the complete image.  Many buyers did so, and because of this, it’s rather difficult to find a copy of the Shilo LP today that doesn’t have writing on the cover.

The copy of Shilo offered for sale is still sealed, and the record inside is presumably unplayed.  The cover is pristine, so you can connect the dots yourself or just leave it as is.  The wrap is fully intact aside from a very small tear near the right center that’s about 1/4″ long.  There are no cutout holes, saw marks or cut corners.  It’s as nice a copy of this album as you’ll ever hope to find.

A beautiful copy of a record that is, for our money, the best single LP’s worth of Neil Diamond material available.

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BLP 221
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