Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell sealed 1978 Canada picture disc LP

A sealed Canadian pressing of the picture disc edition of Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf.



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Offered for sale is a still sealed Canadian picture disc edition of Meat Loaf’s album Bat Out of Hell, released in 1978.

Meat Loaf’s second album, Bat Out of Hell, created quite a sensation when it was released in 1977.  To promote the album, Epic Records pressed a picture disc edition of the album which was issued only as a promotional item.  These promo-only discs soon began changing hands for large sums of money among collectors, partly because of the interesting artwork and partly because the picture disc LP was then a fairly new format, and largely limited to promotional releases.

The promotional issue of Bat Out of Hell came in a plain black cover with red print on the back indicating the album title and song titles.

Shortly thereafter, Epic Records in Canada issued the picture disc as a limited edition commercial release.  This pressing closely resembled the U.S. promotional issue, though it did mention that it was made in Canada on the back cover.

Still later, Epic Records in the U.S. opted to release the picture disc commercially, though the U.S. stock pressings have a burgundy cover with small bats printed on it.

The American promotional issues are fairly rare, and the black-cover Canadian issues are also fairly scarce, as the Canadian record market was fairly small at that time.  The U.S. commercial issue with the “bats” cover are the most common variation of this picture disc.

About this copy:  This copy of Bat Out of Hell is a still sealed Canadian pressing with the black “no bats” cover.  The wrap is fully intact with no tears, rips or holes.  It’s a gorgeous copy of a great-looking picture disc.

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