Martin Denny – Exotic Moog 1969 electronic LP


An original copy of Martin Denny’s scarce electronic LP, Exotic Moog.

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Offered for sale is a copy of Martin Denny’s hard to find electronic instrumental LP, Exotic Moog.

About this copy: This copy of Exotic Moog is an original U.S. pressing of the 1969 LP.  The cover is VG, with the general wear that’s common on this LP, due to the black cover.  There’s a small split in the cover slick (but not the cover itself) at the bottom edge.  The disc is VG++, and almost M-; it appears to have been played only a couple of times and just has a couple of scuffs from being removed from the paper inner sleeve.

A nice copy of an amusing and quite scarce instrumental LP.

Background: Martin Denny more or less created the popular exotica movement in the mid-1950s, combining his band of piano and vibes with exotic animal noises and bird calls.  Riding on the success of instrumental hits such as “Quiet Village,” Denny released a string of pleasant instrumental records throughout the 1950s and 1960s for Liberty Records.  Sales of many of these albums were helped by the cover art, which often featured model Sandy Warner.

Denny’s final album for Liberty was Exotic Moog, released in 1969.  This album was a departure for him, as he abandoned all conventional instrumentation for the then-new Moog synthesizer, reworking some older tunes, including “Quiet Village,” and adding in some tunes that were then currently popular.

The resulting album is interesting, unusual, and quite rare; it’s probably Denny’s most difficult album to find. gave Exotic Moog 4 1/2 stars:

Exotic Moog is the glittering grail for both Martin Denny collectors and Moog fans. There really is nothing else like it, and the LP is very much in short supply. The Moog in this case is one of the earliest synthesizers, which is more like a wondrously imaginative computer from a 1950s science fiction film than the more “realistic” synthesizers of today. Fortunately, the exceptional Exotic Moog ranks highly musically, almost on a par with the incredible work of Moog pioneer Jean Jacques Perry. Get this oddity if you can.

You can listen to “A Taste of Honey” here:




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