Lenny Bruce – Is Out Again sealed private pressing 1964 LP


A sealed copy of the privately pressed album Lenny Bruce is Out Again by Lenny Bruce.

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Offered for sale is a still sealed copy of the privately pressed LP Lenny Bruce is Out Again, released in 1964 on Lenny’s own label.

Lenny Bruce spent a good portion of the early 1960s in legal trouble, and his reputation reached a point where clubs wouldn’t hire him and record companies didn’t want to release his albums.  In 1964, reportedly to help pay legal bills, Bruce released an album on his own label, titled Lenny Bruce is Out Again.

This album had plain white labels (see photo) and mentioned no record company.  The back cover had Bruce’s own address on the back cover.  Presumably, he sold the album by mail, and perhaps at his occasional public appearances.

Note: Phil Spector’s Philles Records later released an album bearing the same title and with the same cover.  That album, released in 1966, was the last commercially released album on the Philles label and is itself hard to find.  However, that album, despite having the same title and cover as this one, contains completely different recordings.  It is a different record.

About this copy: This copy of Lenny Bruce is Out Again is an original 1964 pressing on Lenny Bruce’s own label.  The mono LP is still sealed, and the wrap is fully intact with no rips or tears.  We don’t know where this record has been for the past 50 years, but it’s about as well preserved a copy as you could ever hope to find, with a bright white cover.

A beautiful copy of what is almost certainly Lenny Bruce’s rarest commercially available LP.

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