Leda Annest – Portrait of Leda rare sealed 1958 exotica LP (Hear it!)

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A still sealed copy of the rare 1958 LP Portrait of Leda by Leda Annest.

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Offered for sale is a still sealed copy of the 1958 exotic LP Portrait of Leda by Leda Annest, accompanied by Phil Moore and His Orchestra.

About this copy: This copy of Portrait of Leda is a still sealed original 1958 mono LP (as far as we know, there are no stereo pressings.)  Presumably, the record is new and unplayed.

The wrap is intact aside from a small 1/2″ tear on the front just below the Columbia logo.

A beautiful copy of an ultra-rare exotica LP and the only copy we’ve ever seen.

Background: Exotica was a popular genre in the 1950s, mixing the music of cultures from around the world into something uniquely American.

While artists such as Martin Denny sold a lot of records, there were numerous others making interesting music in the genre, such as Tak Shindo, Yma Sumac, and Leda Annest, who recorded only a single album.

We’re big fans of exotica, but we have to admit that Portrait of Leda is truly out there, with an entire album of wordless vocals that are astonishing in their range.

Unfortunately, the album sold very poorly on release and was quickly deleted. gave Portrait of Leda a 4 1/2 star review:

Wordless vocal recordings were surprisingly common at the zenith of the exotica craze, but few if any are as visceral and even unnerving as Leda Annest’s lone LP Portrait of Leda. Paired with composer and conductor Phil Moore, the singer eschews the theatricality of Yma Sumac (her most obvious point of comparison) in favor of something darker and even more otherworldly. Moore’s vividly jazz-inspired arrangements perfectly complement the scope and depth of Annest’s vocals, underscoring the abstract intensity of her approach. She doesn’t need to sing a single word to articulate the turmoil of her interior world. Mind-boggling stuff.

You can listen to “Portrait of Leda, Part II” here:


Country of origin: U.S.
Size: 12″
Record Label: Columbia
Catalog Number:
WL 114
Year of Release: 1958
Format: Mono
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