John Lennon – John Lennon Collection Quiex II audiophile promo LP

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A promo-only copy of The John Lennon Collection by John Lennon, pressed on Quiex II audiophile vinyl.

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Offered for sale is a promo-only copy of The John Lennon Collection by John Lennon, pressed on Quiex II audiophile vinyl.

About this copy: This copy of The John Lennon Collection is an original promotional copy of the 1982 release, distinguished by the “Quiex II” sticker on the cover, as well as a promotional stamp on the front cover.  The disc has stock labels, but if you hold it up to the light, you can see that it is translucent, indicating that it was pressed on the higher quality Quiex II vinyl.

The cover is VG++, with traces of wear on the edges and a stray mark on the left side of the front cover.  There are two hype stickers – one promoting the Quiex II vinyl and another one listing the song titles.

The disc is M-, with a couple of ultra-faint scuffs from being removed from the posterboard inner sleeve. There are no spindle marks on the labels and it’s possible that the disc is unplayed.  The original posterboard lyric inner sleeve is included.

A nice copy of a great compilation and probably the best-sounding copy of the album you’ll find.

Background: The John Lennon Collection was the second compilation LP by John Lennon, following 1975’s Shaved Fish.  This one included additional tracks from the Double Fantasy LP, as well as the unedited version of “Give Peace a Chance.”

Promotional copies of The John Lennon Collection were pressed on high quality Quiex II vinyl, which was harder and quieter than the vinyl used on the regular stock copies.   It seems odd that the record companies would not use high quality vinyl for the copies of the record for which people would willingly pay, but that’s how it was.  These copies are distinguished by the hype sticker on the cover that says “Quiex II Limited Edition Pressing” as well as the fact that the disc is somewhat translucent when held up to the light.  The stock copies were opaque.


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