James Gang – Rides Again U.S. mispressed LP with “Bolero”


Free U.S. shipping!  A mid-1970’s U.S. pressing of James Gang Rides Again by the James Gang, including the long version of “The Bomber” that includes “Bolero.”

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Offered for sale is a U.S. copy of James Gang Rides Again by the James Gang.

This version is a mispressing that includes the long 7:04 version of “The Bomber” featuring an excerpt of Ravel’s “Bolero.  While original 1970 issues played the long version of the song, a lawsuit prompted an edited (5:39) version to appear later pressings.  This pressing, from 1975 or so, plays the long version due to a factory error.

About this copy: This copy of James Gang Rides Again is a 1975 pressing on the yellow ABC label of an album that was originally released in 1970 on the black ABC label.

The cover is VG++ with slight general wear.  The inside of the cover does not list “Bolero” in the track listing, but lists the time of “The Bomber” as 7:04.

The disc is VG++ and close to M-, with a few faint scuffs from being removed from the paper inner sleeve. There are no spindle marks on the labels and no significant marks on the vinyl.  Clean disc!

The disc does list “Bolero” and the 7:04 running time on the label.

A nice copy of a rare James Gang LP and the only copy we’ve ever seen on this label that played the long version of “The Bomber.”

Background: James Gang Rides Again, released in 1970, was the second album from the James Gang, and it’s the album that finally made stars out of them. Featuring the radio favorite “Funk #49,” the album was certified gold by the RIAA.

On original pressings of the album, the track “The Bomber” was divided into three sections, with the middle section being an instrumental rendition of Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero” that ran about a minute and a half.

Due to legal issues with the Ravel estate, this section of “The Bomber” was removed from all subsequent vinyl pressings of the album, though manufacturing errors led to versions of the album that listed the long version but didn’t play it, and other versions that played it but didn’t list it.

Most vinyl copies of Rides Again do not include the “Bolero” section.

Allmusic.com gave James Gang Rides Again a 4 1/2 star review:

With their second album Rides Again, the James Gang came into their own. Under the direction of guitarist Joe Walsh, the group — now featuring bassist Dale Peters — began incorporating keyboards into their hard rock, which helped open up their musical horizons. …What ties the two sides of the record together is the strength of the band’s musicianship, which burns brightly and powerfully on the hardest rockers, as well as on the sensitive ballads.

You can listen to “The Bomber” here, complete with the “Bolero” section:

Country of origin: U.S.
Size: 12″
Record Label: ABC
Catalog Number:
Year of Release: 1975
Format: Stereo
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