Heart – Magazine sealed withdrawn 1977 LP with disclaimer and alternate mix


A sealed copy of the 1977 withdrawn version of Heart’s Magazine LP with contractual disclaimer on the cover.

This item has been sold.


Offered for sale is a still sealed copy of the withdrawn 1977 issue of Heart’s Magazine LP.

This version was withdrawn immediately after release due to a lawsuit from the band and offers different mixes and recordings from the 1978 re-release.

About this copy: The copy offered for sale is a still sealed copy of the 1977 issue, complete with the original track lineup and the contractual disclaimer on the back cover, along with a hype sticker that says “At last the long awaited Magazine tapes!”

As the album is still sealed, the record is presumably new and unplayed.

The shrink wrap is tight with no rips, punch holes, or cut corners.  There are a couple of small breaks in the wrap near the mouth of the cover; these are likely due to applying heat for too long when the record was shrink wrapped.

A beautiful copy of a terrific record.

Background: After the success of Dreamboat Annie, Heart went back into the studio to record the intended follow-up LP, Magazine.  In the process of recording the album, the band and the record company got into a dispute over royalties and the band walked away from the recording sessions, leaving the album unfinished.  They signed a contract with Portrait Records and proceeded to record the Little Queen LP.

Mushroom Records, without the band’s permission or participation, took the unfinished material recorded for Magazine, added a couple of live cuts and a B-side from a previously released single and released the album, complete with a disclaimer on the back cover that indicated that the album was completed without the endorsement of the band.

“Mushroom Records regrets that a contractual dispute has made it necessary to complete this record without the cooperation or endorsement of the group Heart, who have expressly disclaimed artistic involvement in completing this record.  We did not feel that a contractual dispute should prevent the public from hearing and enjoying these incredible tunes and recordings.”

Heart immediately sued, and the record was withdrawn from sale as a result of a court order, but not before a few copies had been sold at retail.

The following year, the band and the record company resolved their issues and Heart returned to the studio to complete the album.  In the process, much of the album was re-recorded, and the material that wasn’t re-recorded was remixed.  In addition, the track lineup was altered considerably, and the final release was a record that was considerably different from the 1977 first issue.

Opinions vary, but we prefer this version to the later one.

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Country of origin: U.S.
Size: 12″
Record Label: Mushroom
Catalog Number:
Year of Release: 1977
Format: Stereo
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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 12.4 × 12.4 × 0.2 in