Grateful Dead – Blues for Allah sealed original 1975 LP

A sealed original pressing of the Grateful Dead's Blues for Allah LP.


Offered for sale is a still sealed original pressing of the 1975 LP Blues for Allah by the Grateful Dead.

For a short time in the mid-1970s, the Grateful Dead left a major label to try their hands at running their own record company.  Actually, they ran two – Round Records was created for solo and band-related projects while Grateful Dead Records was intended for releases by the band itself.

Grateful Dead Records didn’t last long; the band only released three LPs on the label before giving up the headache of running their own labels and going back to one of the major labels.

Released in 1975, Blues for Allah was the third and final album released on the Grateful Dead label, and in our opinion, the best of the three.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t in print very long, as the album went out of print when the band decided to shut down their label. gave Blues for Allah 4 1/2 stars:

When the LP hit shelves in September of 1975, the Dead were still not back on the road — although they had played a few gigs throughout San Francisco. Obviously, the time off had done the band worlds of good, as Blues for Allah — more than any past or future studio album — captures the Dead at their most natural and inspired.

About this copy: This copy of Blues for Allah is a still sealed original pressing on the Grateful Dead label.  The shrink wrap is tight, with no tears or rips.  A couple of corners are slightly balding, and there is a very small cut corner in the lower right.  As the record is still sealed, the album is presumably new and unplayed.

A beautiful copy of a great album that will be hard to upgrade.

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Grateful Dead Records
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