Friend and Lover – Reach Out of the Darkness sealed 1968 LP

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A sealed copy of the 1968 LP Reach Out of the Darkness by Friend and Lover

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Offered for sale is a sealed copy of the only album by Friend and Lover – Reach Out of the Darkness, released in 1968.

About this copy:  The copy of Reach Out of the Darkness offered for sale is still sealed and is presumably new and unplayed.  There’s a 2″ square section of wrap missing at the top right corner and a bit of wear on the corner of the cover underneath.  There’s also a punch hole in the lower left part of the cover.

A nice copy of a surprisingly pleasant 1960s LP.

Background: Friend and Lover had two songs reach the top 100 in their career, but it’s Reach Out of the Darkness for which they’re remembered.  That song hit #10 on the Billboard charts in early 1968 and is remembered for it’s opening line “I think it’s so groovy now that people are finally gettin’ together.”

Songs with “groovy” in either the title or lyrics haven’t aged all that well, but this album actually stands up well as a nice slice of late 1960s pop. gave the album three stars:

The husband-and-wife team of Jim Post (Friend) and Cathy Conn (Lover) never managed to score another hit, but their little gift to the protest movement has — for better or for worse — shown an impressive amount of staying power. A colorful mix of early Jefferson Airplane-style idealism, soul, and psychedelic pop, their 1968 debut harbored more than just the signature tune that graced its cover.


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