Frank Sinatra – Unique 7 track mono Capitol Records acetate

A Capitol Records acetate containing 7 Frank Sinatra songs from the 1950s.


Offered for sale is a one-of-a-kind Capitol Records acetate containing 7 songs by Frank Sinatra.

We don’t know much about this acetate, but the label on it suggests that it was likely cut by Capitol Records in the late 1960s or early 1970s.  The seven tracks on the disc are all in mono and were all either A or B sides of singles that had been released during the 1950s.

As the running time is short (roughly 12 minutes on one side and 9 on the other) this disc was clearly not a test for a production album, and while the songs have all been commercially released, we’re not aware of any Frank Sinatra compilation that contains all seven of these songs.

Obviously, someone at Capitol had some reason for cutting this, but we have no idea why.  This acetate is likely unique.

The songs are:

Side 1:

  • Something Wonderful Happens in Summer
  • Day in, Day Out
  • Five Hundred Guys
  • I’m Walking Behind You

Side 2:

  • Take a Chance
  • Christmas Waltz
  • You’re Sensational

About this copy: This disc is a lathe-cut acetate (or lacquer), cut for evaluation purposes by Capitol Records and not intended for commercial release.  While the disc is playable on any phonograph, acetates are not designed for repeated play.

The disc has plain Capitol labels with only “sinatra” and the side number written by hand on each label.  The disc is VG+, with a few light marks.  Included is the original Audiodiscs paper sleeve, on which a previous owner has written song titles.

A nice copy of an unusual Frank Sinatra item.

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