Elvis Presley – Having Fun With Elvis on Stage 1974 Boxcar LP


A rare copy of Having Fun With Elvis on Stage by Elvis Presley, issued in 1974 on the Boxcar label.

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Offered for sale is a rare Boxcar label pressing of the spoken-word LP Having Fun With Elvis on Stage by Elvis Presley,  sold only at Elvis’ concert appearances.

About this copy: This copy of Having Fun With Elvis on Stage is an original 1974 pressing on the Boxcar label and not the later pressing on RCA.

The cover is M-.  The disc is VG++, and very close to M-, with just a few faint sleeve scuffs.  There are a couple of spindle marks on one label; the record has likely only been played a couple of times.

A nice copy of a very odd Elvis item and the only copy we’ve ever had for sale.

Background: Having Fun With Elvis on Stage is the strangest LP in the Elvis Presley catalog.  It’s also the only legitimate American LP released in his lifetime that was issued on a label other than RCA.

In 1974, Elvis’ manager, Tom Parker, decided that a souvenir album that could be sold to fans at Elvis concerts would be a good way of making additional money for both himself and Elvis.

Unfortunately, Parker and Presley had sold the rights to Elvis’ entire back catalog to RCA the year before.  That meant that not only would they have to license any Elvis recordings for this album from RCA, but they also wouldn’t receive royalties for those recordings, as RCA now owned them outright.

The solution was Having Fun With Elvis on Stage, an album that consisted entirely of between-song spoken banter taken from Elvis’ various concert recordings, and carries the phrase “A Talking Album Only” on the back cover.

The album was released on a special label that Parker created for this venture called Boxcar Records, and it was sold only at Elvis concerts and was not available in stores.

There’s no music at all; the entire album consists of Elvis talking.  Not only that, but the spoken material is seemingly thrown together at random, without context.

RCA’s lawyers weren’t impressed with Parker’s plan to circumvent them, and shortly after the album’s release, they insisted that the label had the rights to this record, too.

The Boxcar pressings were soon deleted and the album was reissued on RCA, where, oddly enough, it actually reached the charts, peaking at #130 on the U.S. album charts and #9 on the Billboard Country charts.

Allmusic.com gave Having Fun With Elvis on Stage a 1 star review:

…Parker discovered a loophole — there was nothing to stop him from selling an album of Elvis simply talking. So some nameless soul took 37 minutes of between-song patter from a number of Presley’s live shows, spliced them together, and the results were packaged as Having Fun with Elvis on Stage. …And the material has been tossed together without anything resembling rhyme or reason; if a listener had any reason at all to believe that Col. Parker put more than an afternoon into assembling this album, they might suspect he was aiming for a purposefully Dada-esque approach, but apathy and ineptitude seem to be the only realistic explanations for this record’s haphazard structure. Some have called Having Fun with Elvis on Stage thoroughly unlistenable, but actually it’s worse than that; hearing it is like witnessing a car wreck, leaving onlookers too horrified and too baffled to turn away.

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Country of origin: U.S.
Size: 12″
Record Label: Boxcar
Catalog Number:
Year of Release: 1974
Format: Stereo
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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12.4 × 12.4 × 0.2 in