Eagles – The Long Run original Japan promotional LP with obi


Free U.S. shipping!  An original Japanese promotional pressing of The Long Run by the Eagles, complete with insert and obi.

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Offered for sale is an original Japanese promotional pressing of the 1979 album The Long Run by the Eagles, complete with obi.

About this copy: This copy of The Long Run is a 1979 pressing on the Elektra label.

First pressings from Japan were pressed (in Japan) from American stampers.

The cover is VG with moderate general wear, mostly on the edges and corners.  There is a sticker on the cover that says “Sample” in both English and Japanese

The obi is VG++ with slight foxing, but no tears  The insert is M-.

The disc is M- with a number of spindle marks on the labels, but no marks on the vinyl.  Clean disc!  “Sample” is printed on both labels in Japanese.

A great-sounding copy of a terrific album.

Background:  The Long Run was the last original release by the Eagles, and it’s often regarded as a failure by critics.  We disagree; it’s actually our favorite Eagles album, and the public apparently agreed, too:

The album went seven times platinum in the U.S., reaching #1 on the charts, and put three singles in the Top 10: “I Can’t Tell You Why,” “Heartache Tonight,” and “The Long Run.”

While American pressings in the late 1970s were of so-so quality due to poor vinyl, the Japanese pressings of that time were quite good.

Interestingly, the Japanese pressings of this album were pressed from American stampers, with “Sterling” stamped in the dead wax, along with the hand-etched wording “Never Let Your Monster Lay Down”  on side one and “From the Polack Who Sailed North” on side two.

Allmusic.com gave The Long Run a 3 star review:

Three years in the making (which was considered an eternity in the ’70s), the Eagles’ follow-up to the massively successful, critically acclaimed Hotel California was a major disappointment, even though it sold several million copies and threw off three hit singles. Those singles, in fact, provide some insight into the record. “Heartache Tonight” was an old-fashioned rock & roll song sung by Glenn Frey, while “I Can’t Tell You Why” was a delicate ballad by Timothy B. Schmit, the band’s newest member. Only “The Long Run,” a conventional pop/rock tune with a Stax Records R&B flavor, bore the stamp and vocal signature of Don Henley, who had largely taken the reins of the band on Hotel California.

Country of origin: Japan
Size: 12″
Record Label: Asylum
Catalog Number:
Year of Release: 1979
Format: Stereo
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Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 12.4 × 12.4 × 0.25 in