Eagles – Hotel California rare Holland green/black vinyl LP

A limited edition green/black vinyl copy of Hotel California by the Eagles, issued in Holland in 1978.



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Offered for sale is a rare green and black vinyl variation of Hotel California by the Eagles, released in Holland in 1978 as a limited edition on green vinyl.

There’s not much to say about Hotel California that hasn’t bee said already.  The album reached #1 on the U.S. charts, was certified platinum sixteen times and had a #1 single with the title track.  It’s one of the best selling albums of all time.

In the late 1970s, collectors were showing a lot of interest in colored vinyl records, and record companies began to issue a number of limited edition colored vinyl pressings of both older and then-new titles. Most of these were produced in Europe, though they were widely exported to the United States and were readily available in most record stores when new, at prices that were then nearly twice the price of a regular black vinyl pressing of the same album.

Over time, many of these titles have become quite scarce.

Among these titles was Hotel California, which was released as a limited edition on green vinyl in Holland.  They didn’t sell particularly well, and many copies are found today with cutout holes.

This copy, however, is quite unusual.

About this copy:  This copy of Hotel California is a limited edition green vinyl pressing from Holland, issued in 1978.  This copy is quite unusual in that it is not solid green, as they were all intended to be, but instead is green with a number of black swirls in it.  It’s the only copy we’ve ever seen like this; every other copy we’ve ever seen was solid green.

The cover is VG, with wear at the top and bottom edges and corners.  There is a punch hole in the upper right hand corner of the cover.

The green/black vinyl disc is VG, with some heavy scuffing on it and a fingernail mark though one track.

A very rare variation of a record where even the regular versions are scarce.

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AS 53 051
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