Dresden 45 – Paradise Lost 1988 Texas thrashcore LP


A copy of Paradise Lost by Dresden 45, a Texas-based thrashcore band.

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Offered for sale is a copy of Paradise Lost by Dresden 45, issued in 1988 by Jack Leg Records.

About this copy: This copy of Paradise Lost is an original pressing on the Texas-based Jack Leg label.

The cover and disc are M-; the LP looks unplayed.

The back cover has been signed in ball point pen by the band’s bass player, Charlie Hardwick, as “Uncle Charlie.”  We obtained the LP from him a long time ago.

Background:   According to Wikipedia, Dresden 45 was a hardcore punk and crossover thrash band from Houston, Texas, also known as D’45 and variantly, D45. They were one of the first hardcore bands to implement a guitar-driven heavy metal sound into their music. Like other Houston bands Dirty Rotten Imbeciles and Verbal Abuse, Dresden 45 played a breathless, high-speed type of hardcore punk now referred to as thrashcore.

Tracks are:

  • Newton’s Bad Apple
  • No Need
  • Swiss Bank Account
  • Live For Money
  • Briar Patch
  • Smokin’ USA
  • Southern California 2
  • Guilty Of Birth
  • Violence
  • Dresden ’45
  • Mainlined
  • Coexistence

You can listen to “Newton’s Bad Apple” here:

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Size: 12″
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Format: Stereo
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