Deep Purple – Deep Purple sealed original 1969 Tetragrammaton LP


A sealed copy of Deep Purple’s self-titled 1969 third LP, released on Tetragrammaton Records.

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Offered for sale is a still sealed original pressing of Deep Purple’s self-titled 1969 third album, released on Tetragrammaton Records.

About this copy:  The record offered for sale is an original sealed copy of the band’s self-titled third album, simply called Deep Purple.  It’s the last album featuring the group’s original Mark I lineup, with Rod Evans on vocals and Nick Simper on bass.  It’s also possibly the best album the group ever made.

This copy is still sealed, with no rips, tears, or holes in the shrink wrap.  There are no cutout holes, punch holes or saw marks.  It has the original gatefold Unipak cover (most of the fakes/reissues have a single-pocket cover).  In short, it’s just about perfect.  It’s also the only sealed copy of this album that we have ever seen or seen offered for sale.

Background: While Deep Purple is rightly regarded today as pioneers in the world of hard rock, their first three albums were more in the progressive rock vein.  The third album, the self-titled Deep Purple, is the best example of that, including a 12 minute track, “April” that contains both a lengthy orchestral passage and some of Ritchie Blackmore’s best guitar work, all in the same song.

Here is what had to say about it in their 4 1/2 star review:

This is a record that even those who aren’t Deep Purple fans can listen to two or three times in one sitting — but then, this wasn’t much like any other album that the group ever issued. Actually, Deep Purple was highly prized for many years by fans of progressive rock, and for good reason…. Deep Purple holds together astonishingly well as a great body of music. This is one of the most bracing progressive rock albums ever, and a successful vision of a musical path that the group might have taken but didn’t.

You can listen to the album’s opening track, “Chasing Shadows”, here:

It’s assumed by many today that Deep Purple were popular worldwide from the release of their first album.  In fact, they really didn’t hit it big until 1970, and their first few releases sold only moderately well in the United States and not well at all in Europe.

In America, their first four albums, Shades of Deep Purple, The Book of Taliesyn, Deep Purple, and The Concerto for Group and Orchestra, were released on a small California label called Tetragrammaton Records.  Though the first two Deep Purple albums sold well, nothing else on the label made a dent in the charts, and the label went out of business by the end of 1969 after less than two years in business.

What few collectors realize is that the third and fourth Deep Purple albums are fairly hard to find as original pressings on Tetragrammaton, as most of the copies of the Tetragrammaton Deep Purple LPs that are floating around are either counterfeit pressings or unauthorized reissues.

This gives the impression that these records are fairly common, when in fact, they are fairly rare.  Adding to the problem for collectors is that the label went out of business just a few months after releasing the band’s third album, and immediately after pressing the fourth LP.

In fact, in some 40 years of selling records, we’ve had exactly two original copies of Deep Purple’s third album – a white label promo copy that we sold many years ago, and this sealed one, which has been in our collection since the late 1970s.

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