Davy Jones – Davy Jones (Monkees) sealed 1971 Bell LP


A sealed copy of Davy Jones’ self titled 1971 solo album.

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Offered for sale is a sealed copy of Davy Jones’ second solo album, the self-titled Davy Jones, released in 1971 on Bell Records.

Background: For all of the recording he did in his nearly 50 year career, Davy Jones of the Monkees only released two solo albums.  The first was issued in 1965, and is a largely forgettable collection of show tunes.  The second album, released in 1971, is by far the better of the two, combining competent pop and rock songs that were well within the range of Davy’s repertoire.

About this copy: The copy offered for sale is still sealed; the record is presumably new and unplayed.  The shrink is tight and fully intact, with no holes, rips or tears, though the cover does have a cut corner in the lower right corner, and a saw mark in the upper left corner.

A nice copy of a scarce Monkees collectible.

AllMusic had this to day about Davy Jones:

One year after the Monkees called it quits (for the first time), Davy Jones surfaced with his second solo outing (1965’s pre-Monkees album David Jones was his debut). Jones has often said that he never viewed himself as a musician, but rather as an entertainer. This is evident with this album. Instead of trying to write a masterpiece, he relied on producer Jackie Mills to assemble a number of pop/rock songs and a tight band to go along with them. …To that end, he succeeded. Monkees fans will love this album.


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