Curved Air – Air Conditioning original 1971 UK picture disc LP with cover


An original pressing of the 1970 debut LP by Curved Air, Air Conditioning, in picture disc form and including a cover.

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Offered for sale is a rare picture disc edition of the 1970 debut LP by British progressive rock band Curved Air, Air Conditioning, complete with cover.

About this copy: The copy offered for sale is one of those picture discs, and it’s one of the most attractive picture discs ever made.

Most copies were sold in clear plastic sleeves; this one includes an original cover.  The record would be M- except for a small scratch through a couple of tracks.  The cover is VG+, with minor wear at the corners and a bit of yellowing.

A nice copy of a beautiful record.

Background: Curved Air isn’t all that well remembered today, but during their time together they made some pretty good progressive rock. They are best remembered today for their unique contribution to record collecting – the first pressings of their 1970 debut, Air Conditioning, were pressed as picture discs, and this was the first long-play record to be issued in that format.  Due to quality control issues, the pressings were limited to 10,000 copies, and subsequent pressings were pressed on regular black vinyl. gave Air Conditioning a 4 star review:

Air Conditioning rates among the great debut albums of 1970s rock, a hybrid whose breathless audacity stands in starkly good-natured contrast to the po-faced noodlings of the genre’s other leading progenitors. Even in full, fanciful flight (the instrumental “Rob One” or the sawing discordant “Vivaldi”), you can hear the band enjoying themselves, as Darryl Way’s violin soars to pitches unknown to rocking man, the immortally named Florian Pilkington-Miksa conjures brand new rhythms from his percussive arsenal and Monkman. Well, Monkman is as Monkman does, but even when you know what’s going to happen next, a frill or a flourish still leaps out to surprise you. Kristina, meanwhile, possesses one of the most distinctive voices of the age, a virtue which is apparent from the moment she enters on the opening “It Happens Today.” Hints of Grace Slick enter her delivery during the Airplane-like “Stretch,” but it’s a fleeting comparison. By the time you hit “Propositions,” all echoed riffs and space age synth, Curved Air don’t sound like anything else on earth. You do, however, notice how many subsequent bands sound a lot like them.

You can listen to “It Happened Today” here:


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