Charlee (featuring Walter Rossi) 1976 hard rock LP

A scarce U.S. pressing of the 1972 debut by Canadian band Charlee, featuring guitarist Walter Rossi


Offered for sale is a scarce 1976 U.S. pressing of the self-titled debut album by Canadian hard rock band Charlee, featuring guitarist and vocalist Walter Rossi.

Charlee never became all that well known, but they did release an album in Canada in 1972 that became a popular cult favorite, largely on the reputation of Rossi’s guitar work.  The LP was finally released in 1976 on the tiny Ohio-based Mind Dust Music label.

Here’s a track from the album, Wizzard:

The copy offered for sale comes from our personal collection; we obtained it many years ago directly from the owner of Mind Dust Music, whom we encountered on a pass through Ohio.  It’s been played only once or twice, is in M- condition.  The cover is still in the shrink wrap and still has the hype sticker that says “Charlee featuring Walter Rossi.”  The original plastic-lined Mind Dust Music inner sleeve is included.

A nice copy of a scarce, and pretty good, record.

Record Label:
Mind Dust Music
Catalog Number::
MDM 1001
Year of Release::
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