Casino Royale – Sealed 45 RPM Classic Records Clarity vinyl box set

A sealed copy of the soundtrack to the 1967 film Casino Royale, pressed at 45 RPM on Clarity vinyl by Classic Records.


Offered for sale is a still sealed copy of the 1967 soundtrack to the James Bond spoof Casino Royale, issued as a 4 record set by Classic Records and pressed on 200 gram, 45 RPM, Clarity vinyl.

Due to complicated legal shenanigans, the rights to the James Bond novel Casino Royale were at one time held by a party other than EON Productions, the longtime creators of films in the James Bond franchise. In 1967, producer Charles K. Feldman set out to produce Casino Royale as a spoof of James Bond films, and the resulting film featured a number of famous faces playing Bond, including David Niven, Woody Allen, and Peter Sellers. While the resulting film was a bit of a mess, the soundtrack was a hit, featuring tunes by Burt Bacharach and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. The highlight of the album is the song, The Look of Love, sung by Dusty Springfield, in a recording that the Absolute Sound once described as the “quintessential recording of the human voice.” It does have a remarkable, “you are there” quality to it.

Dusty Springfield later released an album entitled The Look of Love, but that album contained a new recording of the song that lacked the magical properties of the version she recorded for Casino Royale.

The copy offered for sale is a limited edition, 45 RPM, 4 LP set, pressed on single-sided discs using Classic’s proprietary Clarity Vinyl. The set is still sealed and the records are presumably new and unplayed.  For whatever reason, copies of this pressing on Clarity Vinyl are quite scarce.

Perhaps the ultimate copy of a great-sounding album.

About Clarity vinyl: In 2008, Classic Records determined that magnetic particles in regular black vinyl were compromising playback results.  This was due to trace metal contained in the carbon black that was added to the vinyl during manufacture.  Classic worked with Kenan, a PVC manufacturer, to produce a proprietary vinyl compound that did not use carbon black, and thus did not contain these distortion-causing magnetic elements.  The resulting vinyl compound was called Clarity vinyl, and Classic intended to eventually produce all of their titles using this new vinyl.  Unfortunately, the company went out of business after only a few titles had been produced this way, and Classic’s Clarity pressings, particularly those pressed at 45 RPM, are quite hard to find today.

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Record Label:
Classic Records
Catalog Number::
Year of Release::
1967 (original LP)
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