Buddy Holly – The Chirping Crickets sealed U.S. Brunswick LP


An early U.S. pressing of The Chirping Crickets, the debut LP by Buddy Holly, with the record still sealed in the original loose bag.

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Offered for sale is a still sealed U.S. pressing of The Chirping Crickets, the debut LP by both Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

This album is one of the most significant albums in the history of rock and roll music and one of the most amazing items we’ve ever offered for sale.

About this copy: This copy of The Chirping Crickets is an early U.S. pressing on the Brunswick label.

This album is technically a second issue, as it has a non-textured front cover.  The Chirping Crickets was originally released in 1957; this particular pressing likely dates from somewhere between 1959 and 1961, as the non-textured cover was reportedly introduced shortly after Holly’s death in February, 1959, though the exact date of the change in cover is unknown.

The album is still sealed in the original loose bag. As the album is still sealed, the record is presumably new and unplayed.

Label and inner sleeve variations are unknown.

The wrap is fully intact, with no rips, tears or holes.

The cover is essentially perfect, with no splits, tears, holes, fading, or wear.  This album looks like new.

This album was quite popular in its day and most copies were played to death.  We’ve never seen an opened copy of this album that was better than VG and most copies we’ve seen over the years were in unplayable condition.

This will likely be your final upgrade and this may be the best surviving copy of the album anywhere.

Background: Released in November, 1957, The Chirping Crickets was the first album released by Buddy Holly, and the only album he recorded with his then-backup band, the Crickets.

Chart information in the U.S. is unknown, but the album reached #5 on the UK charts, and the song “That’ll Be the Day” reached #1 on the U.S. singles charts.

Despite its success and influence, The Chirping Crickets was only in print from 1957-1961, as it was reissued in 1962 with a different cover and title – Buddy Holly and the Crickets, so all copies of The Chirping Crickets are fairly rare.

Allmusic.com gave The Chirping Crickets a 5 star review:

The debut album by the Crickets and the only one featuring Buddy Holly released during his lifetime, The “Chirping” Crickets contains the group’s number one single “That’ll Be the Day” and its Top Ten hit “Oh, Boy!.” Other Crickets classics include “Not Fade Away,” “Maybe Baby,” and “I’m Looking for Someone to Love.” The rest of the 12 tracks are not up to the standard set by those five, but those five are among the best rock & roll songs of the 1950s or ever, making this one of the most significant album debuts in rock & roll history, ranking with Elvis Presley and Meet the Beatles.

You can listen to “Oh Boy!” here:

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Country of origin: U.S.
Size: 12″
Record Label: Brunswick
Catalog Number:
BL 54038
Year of Release: 1957
Format: Mono
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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12.4 × 12.4 × 0.2 in