Buckingham Nicks – Buckingham Nicks sealed original U.S. LP with gatefold cover


Free U.S. shipping!  A still sealed original U.S. pressing of the 1973 Buckingham Nicks LP featuring Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.

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Offered for sale is a still sealed original U.S. pressing of Buckingham Nicks by Buckingham Nicks, featuring Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac.

This is the original U.S. issue with the gatefold cover.

About this copy: This copy of Buckingham Nicks is an original U.S. pressing on the Polydor label of the 1973 LP.

There is a hype sticker on the wrap that says, “The Beginning…Stevie Nicks Lindsey Buckingham.”  That would suggest that this pressing is from no earlier than 1975, though it does have the gatefold cover, unlike the later 1980s issues that do not.

As the album is still sealed, the record is presumably new and unplayed.

The wrap is fully intact except at the lower left-hand corner, where the corner has been cut.

There is a hype sticker on the wrap that says, “The Beginning…Stevie Nicks Lindsey Buckingham.”

A nice copy of a rare Fleetwood Mac-related LP and the nicest sealed copy we’ve ever had for sale.

Background: Released in 1973, Buckingham Nicks is the only album by Buckingham Nicks, a group that consisted of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, who later became famous as members of Fleetwood Mac.

Before joining Fleetwood Mac in 1975, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham had tried several times, without success, to make it in the music business. They were initially in a band called Fritz that released just one single, and as luck would have it, that single was mispressed with the name of the wrong artist on the label. After that, they tried to make it as a duo, and they released a couple of singles and one album for Polydor Records in 1973, titled Buckingham Nicks.

The album, which did not chart, sold poorly and was quickly deleted. To this day, the Buckingham Nicks LP has never been released on compact disc, though the project has reportedly been “in the works” for a number of years now.

Allmusic.com gave Buckingham Nicks a 3 1/2 star review:

While it will be hard to find, this lone album cut by a young and ambitious (and still romantically attached) Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham a short two years before joining Fleetwood Mac is well worth digging out for your turntable. …Considering what the duo was to later accomplish, Buckingham Nicks is an engaging listen and served as a proving ground of sorts for both artists’ songwriting chops and for Buckingham’s skills as an emerging studio craftsman.

You can listen to “Crying in the Night” here:

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Country of origin: Canada
Size: 12″
Record Label: Quality
Catalog Number:
SV 1926
Year of Release: 1975
Format: Stereo
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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 12.4 × 12.4 × .20 in