Black Sabbath – Attention! Rare 1975 Japan LP with obi


A copy of the rare Japan-only compilation LP Attention! by Black Sabbath, complete with original obi.

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Offered for sale is a copy of the rare Japan-only compilation LP Attention! by Black Sabbath, complete with original obi.

About this copy:  This copy of Attention! is an original 1975 Japanese pressing on the Fontana label.

The cover is VG+, with light wear at the corners and a bit of foxing on the back cover.

The obi is VG, with a few wrinkles and tears at the top and bottom edge that have been neatly repaired on the underside of the obi so as to make them invisible.  For some reason, this LP is almost never found with the obi.

This LP was issued without an insert.

The disc is M-, and looks like it may have been played once.

A beautiful copy of a very rare Black Sabbath LP.

Background: In Japan, most buyers aren’t interested in purchasing entire catalogs of albums by English-language artists, so compilation albums are quite common there, and very frequently, the Japanese market sees compilation albums by U.S. and European artists that aren’t available anywhere else.

Attention!, by Black Sabbath, is one such album.  Originally released in 1973, the album contains tracks from the band’s first two albums (Black Sabbath and Paranoid) and includes the track “Evil Woman, Don’t Play Your Games With Me” that was not included on the U.S. version of the Black Sabbath LP.

Attention! was released three times between 1973 and 1975 with three different covers.  The third version, with a live shot of the band on the cover, is perhaps the most desirable version.

For some reason, it is nearly impossible to find any of the three versions of this album with the obi intact.   All versions were limited editions, and all were in print for a short time only.,

Tracks are:

  • Paranoid (Paranoid)
  • Sleeping Village (Black Sabbath)
  • Warning (Black Sabbath)
  • Evil Woman, Don’t You Play Your Games With Me (Black Sabbath)
  • Iron Man (Paranoid)
  • The Wizard (Black Sabbath)
  • Behind the Wall of Sleep (Black Sabbath)
  • N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)

You can listen to “Evil Woman, Don’t You Play Your Games With Me” here:

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Country of origin: Japan
Size: 12″
Record Label: Fontana
Catalog Number:
Year of Release: 1975
Format: Stereo
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Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 1 in