Bill Berry – For Duke M&K Realtime direct disc LP

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A copy of the direct-disc LP For Duke, by Bill Berry and His Ellington All Stars, released by M&K Records.

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Offered for sale is a copy of the direct to disk LP For Duke, by Bill Berry and His Ellington All Stars, released in 1978 by M&K Realtime Records.

About this copy:  This copy of For Duke is an original 1978 direct to disk pressing from M&K Realtime records.

The cover is VG+, with a bit of ringwear and wear at the edges and the corners.  There is a promotional punch hole in the upper right hand corner.

The disc is very close to M-, with a couple of faint scuffs from the inner sleeve.  It clearly has had very little play.  We’ll call it VG++ just to be safe, but it’s a very clean disc.

A nice copy of a terrific record.

Background:  For Duke was the first release in the short-lived series of direct to disk recordings issued by M&K Realtime.  This particular LP is a tribute to Duke Ellington, and all of the tracks on the album are either Ellington compositions, or tunes with which Ellington was associated.

Direct to disk recordings are recorded live directly to a cutting lathe, bypassing a tape recorder (though a tape recorder is usually used to create a backup copy.)  The result is an immediate, “you are there” experience, and For Duke has long been highly regarded among audiophiles as a great example of direct to disk recording, as well as a terrific jazz LP.

Direct to disk recordings are all limited editions, as you can only press so many records before the stampers wear out.  After that, the only way to reissue to the album is to use the tape backup to create a conventional pressing.

You can listen to a very low-fi version of the album’s first track, “Take the A Train,” here:


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