Beatles – White Album original complete UK mono 2 LP set

Beatles - White Album - an original mono copy of The Beatles, complete with poster and photos.



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Offered for sale is an original UK mono pressing of the Beatles self-titled 1968 LP, usually referred to as the White Album, complete with numbered “top loading” cover, poster, and bonus photos.

The Beatles 1967 LP, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was wildly influential for both the music and the cover, and they took the opposite approach with their 1968 follow-up, making the cover all white and simply titling the album The Beatles.  It quickly became known as The White Album, due to the simple, all-white cover.

First issues in both the UK and the U.S. were individually numbered, making each copy of the album unique.  While collectors frequently pay large sums of money for low-numbered copies, the point of numbering them was to make each one a unique work of art, so no number is “rarer” than any other.  Oddly enough, #1 is the least rare number of all, as multiple copies were made with that number for presentation to members of the band.

Original pressings from the UK (in both mono and stereo) were unique in that the openings in the cover to remove the discs were at the top of the cover, rather than at the right side.  This was true only of the original issues; later pressings opened on the side.

While The White Album was issued worldwide in stereo, the album was issued in both mono and stereo in the UK only, with a dedicated mono mix that differs significantly from the stereo mix on a number of songs.  As the whitealbum was issued in late 1968, mono pressings in the UK were likely out of print by January 1970, making them quite hard to find today.

The copy of The White Album offered for sale is one of those early UK mono pressings, and is complete and in exceptional condition.  This copy is numbered 0248587.  The cover is VG++, with just traces of wear at the corners.  The spine is rather wide, measuring slightly over 3/8″ in width.  All lettering on the spine is clearly legible.

The mono discs are very clean, this set has clearly only had a couple of plays.  They’re just a hair short of M-; we’ll call them VG++ just to be safe.

Mother/stamper numbers:

Side 1 mother 4 stamper GL
Side 2 mother 2 stamper OAG (The “O” is not aligned with the AG and may be extraneous)
Side 3 mother (can’t read it) stamper PG
Side 4 mother 4 stamper HL

Discs have “An EMI Recording” on all four labels.

The included poster is M-; it looks as though it’s never been unfolded.  All four bonus photos are included; Paul’s has slight bends in two corners.  The original black inner sleeves are included and have no splits.

A simply beautiful copy of a classic album that’s very difficult to find in this condition.  Plays really well, too!

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