Beatles – Hear the Beatles Tell All sealed 1979 reissue LP

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A sealed reissue of Hear the Beatles Tell All by the Beatles.

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Offered for sale is a still sealed 1979 reissue of Hear the Beatles Tell All on VJ records.

About this copy: This copy of Hear the Beatles Tell All is a still sealed 1979 reissue; the record is presumably new and unplayed.

The shrink wrap is fully intact with no rips or tears.

Background:  Hear the Beatles Tell All is an interview LP that was originally released in 1964 on Vee Jay records.  The album features disk jockeys Jim Steck and Dave Hull interviewing the Beatles, accompanied by crowd noises and percussion from Wrecking Crew drummer Hal Blaine.

The recording is actually quite sophisticated for its time and it was the only Beatles album to which Vee Jay retained the rights after Capitol Records took over their catalog in late 1964.

The original pressings were in mono only; in 1979, the company that then owned the rights to Vee Jay material reissued the LP with a “stereo” banner at the top.


Country of origin: U.S.
Size: 12″
Record Label: Vee Jay
Catalog Number:
Year of Release: 1979
Format: mono (says stereo)
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