Anita Baker – Compositions 1990 U.S. record club LP


A scarce U.S. copy of the 1990 LP Compositions by Anita Baker.

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Offered for sale is a scarce copy of the 1990 LP Compositions by Anita Baker, released through the RCA Record Club.

By 1990, record companies in the United States had largely abandoned the LP format, and for a few years, the only way to buy new records was through record clubs, which continued pressing vinyl long after the major labels had stopped pressing them commercially.

The 1990 LP Compositions by Anita Baker was one such title; as far as we know, all U.S. vinyl copies of this LP were record club issues.

Compositions was Baker’s fourth solo LP, and it reached #5 on the U.S. album charts and #7 in the UK. had this to say about Compositions:

On Rapture and Giving You the Best That I Got, Anita Baker embraced a blend of technology and “real instruments” — a definite contrast to the completely high-tech approach of so much ’80s and ’90s R&B. But on Compositions, producer Michael J. Powell moved even closer to a ’70s-like approach to R&B — recording Baker’s vocals live in the studio, employing a live rhythm section, and avoiding drum machines altogether. What stayed the same was the type of material. Once again, Baker rejects hip-hop, techno-funk, new jack swing, and other ’80s and ’90s black music styles in favor of a consistently relaxed soul/pop mood.

You can listen to “Whatever It Takes” here:

About this copy: This copy of Compositions is an original U.S. release, issued by Elektra Records through the RCA/BMG record club.

The cover is M- and is still in the original shrink wrap.  The lyric inner sleeve is included.

The record is M- and appears to have had little, if any, play.  There is a bit of residue on one label where a price sticker was removed.

A nice copy of a terrific album that’s hard to find on vinyl.

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