Aerosmith – Aerosmith 1973 LP with original cover and misprint

An original 1973 pressing of Aerosmith's first album, featuring the original cover and song title misprint.


Offered for sale is a rare first pressing of the 1973 debut by Aerosmith, the self-titled Aerosmith, complete with original cover and song title error.

Aerosmith’s 1973 debut was a modest selling album, but the only one of three singles to reach the charts was “Dream On,” which peaked at #59.  When the song was reissued as a single in 1976, it reached #6 on the charts.  The album did not chart when first released, but reached #21 in 1976 after “Dream On” became a hit.

Original pressings of the album feature an orange banner at the top with the band’s name and a small inset photo of the band.  The back cover lists the song “Walking the Dog” as “Walking the Dig.”  This was corrected shortly after release; the first version with the misspelling is quite rare.

At that time, Columbia Records reissued the album with a slightly different cover – the orange banner was gone and the small photo of the band was enlarged to fill the entire cover.  Helped by the hit single, Aerosmith eventually went double platinum.

As most copies of the album were sold after the cover change, all U.S. versions of the album with the orange banner are rather hard to find and are particularly hard to find in collectible condition, as the cover was unusually prone to cover wear.

About this copy: This copy of Aerosmith is an original 1973 true first pressing, featuring the first cover with both the orange banner on the front and the misspelled song title “Walking the Dig” on the back.  The cover retains its original shrink wrap and is close to M-.  There is a bit of wear near the mouth of the cover as well as a small (1″) repaired seam split at the bottom.

The disc is VG+ on side one, with some scuffs from the paper sleeve. Side 2 is VG, with some scuffs and a scratch through the first track.

A nice copy of an album that’s surprisingly hard to find with a cover in good condition.

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KC 32005
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