Rare Records: Five more sealed 45 RPM Classic Records titles

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We added more of the sealed titles from Classic Records that we recently acquired in a large collection:

Ben Webster & “Sweets” Edison (Columbia CS8691) sealed 4 LP 45 RPM set
Bartok – Music for Strings – Reiner/CSO (RCA LSC-2374) sealed 4 LP 45 RPM set
Bartok – Concerto for Orchestra – Reiner/CSO (RCA LSC-1934) sealed 4 LP 45 RPM set
Gaite Parisien – Fiedler/Boston Pops (RCA LSC-1817) sealed 2 LP 45 RPM set
Heifetz – Scottish Fantasy (RCA LSC-2306) sealed 4 LP 45 RPM set

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