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New Store and Shopping Cart System

woo commerce logoWe recently discovered that our shopping cart system was no longer returning shipping prices for customers in the United Kingdom, making it impossible for those customers to make a purchase.

While trying to fix that, we also discovered that the company that created our shopping cart system recently went out of business.

That means that we not only have no support to fix this particular problem, but we wouldn’t have any support to help fix any problems that might occur in the future.

These problems made it necessary to change our store and shopping cart system, which essentially required rebuilding a 700+ page Website from the ground up.

Our new store is built on Woocommerce, a shopping cart system used by nearly 40% of all of the stores on the Internet.  The new system should be both easier to use and more reliable.  As a bonus, customers will no longer have to leave the Website to complete their purchase at PayPal.

We’ve tested the system, but there were hundreds of things on the site that needed to change during the site rebuild.  We’ve undoubtedly missed one or two of them, and there may be the occasional feature that doesn’t work properly.

If you encounter any difficulties with the new version of the site, please contact us.